April 10, 2011

The Miracle of Theatre is Coming to Richmond Hill ... call the box office now!

The Curtain Club is pleased to announce the plays at the 2011 Theatre Ontario Festival. The 2011 Theatre Ontario Festival will be co-hosted by The Curtain Club, the Association of Community Theatres – Central Ontario (ACT-CO) and Theatre Ontario. The 2011 Festival Chairs are Sharon Dykstra and Wayne Milliner.

So, what is the Theatre Ontario Festival? In the spring, each of the four regions of Theatre Ontario hosts a festival to choose the best production in its area. The winning production then becomes that region’s representative to the annual Festival. This year the festival is being hosted by The Curtain Club in Richmond Hill at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. There are plenty of tickets from the Box Office (905.787.8811) and the Festival Website (www.tofestival2011.ca).

The four Theatre Ontario Regions are: (1) Eastern Ontario Drama League (EODL); Western Ontario Drama league (WODL), Association of Community Theatres – Central Ontario (ACT-CO, of which The Curtain Club is a member), and QUONTA representing the a region originally known as “Quebec and Ontario Theatre Association.”

The Miracle of Theatre is Coming to Richmond Hill ... learn about coordinating properties

Peggy Wrightson, who has been involved in community theatre for over 23 years, the last five in York Region, is a seasoned actor. However, she notes in community theatre all club members take on different roles to ensure a production comes to fruition. For Peggy, being properties coordinator is something she enjoys when she is not on stage. She notes that properties are those things that actors use on stage, and it allows the audience to appreciate the character. She notes the challenges one has in creating props that are authentic to the time. She also highlights the importance of the props coordinator to work closely with set decorators and costume designers to ensure a cohesive appears to a show.

The Miracle of Theatre is Coming to Richmond Hill ... learn about directing

Brandon Moore, a longtime member of The Curtain Club explains directing in community theatres as an opportunity to hone and improve a craft. As a longtime actor/director himself, he has a lot of experience, including with the Theatre Ontario Festival. The Festival, he explains is a real opportunity for theatre directors to hear objective feedback on the production a director is fortunate enough to take to the Festival from a group of objective and experienced peers. He notes that Directors face challenges too, as taking a production to a festival, which is often in a larger space than where community theatre groups typically perform, and need to work with entire design team and cast to compensate. Brandon explains that what he likes best about directing is “working with actors and designers to get the best out of them.”