August 2, 2010


Alas, the 2009/2010 Season comes to an end.

This season must surely have been one of the most eventful of The Curtain Club’s 5+ decade history.

We planned to begin the season late in the year to compensate for the planned renovations (yes, new bathrooms and better space for our patrons, just about nothing for us, The Club members). But, we felt it was a necessary and important investment for our loyal patrons (that’s you).

So, our plan was to open the season with I Ought to Be in Pictures, a comedy by Neil Simon. A sure hit! But, alas, the renovations delayed the season opener (I am not sure why we were surprised), and we opened the season at The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts with Marion Bridge, a first for us and a fantastic experience (dare I say) for The Curtain Club and The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

We were reassured by The Construction Team (which includes so many groups of people only Wayne – our Vice President, and Brian – our Theatre Manager, could keep up), that things would be ready for Laugh Lines (another first for us – a series of one-act comedies) to rehearse at The Curtain Club). We were wrong. After a valiant effort by the four Laugh Lines directors and their cast and crew, we snuck back into The Curtain Club just 10 days before the one-acts opened.

We were all thrilled to be back home!

The third and fourth productions of the season were able to rehearse, enthral the audience, and close according to plan. But, what ever became of I Ought to Be in Pictures, the play that was supposed to open the season? Well, the cast and crew rehearsed off-site and it became the first ever summer production at The Club, opening just two weeks after Cliffhanger (the fourth play) closed! And what a fantastic success it was!

While all this was underway, the annual elections for new members of the Executive were held. So, we would like to thank Joan Burrows, who stepped down as president after her two year term and welcome Mary Jane Boon, our new president.

And, busy times for The Curtain Club continue with rehearsals underway for the first play of the 2010/2011 Season – The Perfect Rhyme. This comedy, arguably set in Elizabethan times, is sure to be another hit.

So, don’t dilly dally and get your season’s subscriptions now! And, yes, we are still fundraising as we have a hefty bill left from the renovations, and work is still underway – you may have noticed that the sign above our door that declares us as “The Curtain Club” is still missing! So, don’t forget to make a donation and we will graciously accept and even give you a tax receipt for your trouble!