July 12, 2010

The Cast Comment on I OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES - Opening July 16

Left: Hayley Ferguson comments on her role as Libby: "Once I began to learn the role, I came to really connect with Libby. She may have naively moved to Hollywood to gamble on success on the silver screen, but I feel her real gamble was in trying to reconcile long differences and being brave enough to look in long abandoned closets."
Right: Vanessa Taylor comments on her role as Steffy: "This is perhaps Simon's most autobiographical work, as Herb, like the playwright, is a Hollywood screen-writer. I know also that Simon has daughters and was married several times. For me, playing Steffy was not dissimilar to playing an arbitrator to the fantastic emotional highs and lows experienced by Herb and Libby."


Daryl Marks comments on his role as Herb, a struggling screenwriter who abandoned his New York family 16 years earlier to settle in Hollywood: "Having the opportunity to play such a challenging role as Herb has been an experience that I will treasure for a long, long time. Herb is such a complex character to get a hold of and it has been both a demanding and exhilarating journey. Herb is struggling with demons from his past, and when he is confronted with them head on, it makes for an amazing story. To find the comedy from such a sad and difficult situation is thanks to the beautiful direction we received from Andrea Emmerton. Neil Simon's words are like poetry, and to bring his poetry to life would not have been possible without the strengths of both Hayley Ferguson and Vanessa Taylor. They have given me so much to work with and it has been truly an honor to have worked with two such professionals."

“I Ought to Be in Pictures” – A Dramatic Comedy from Hollywood

The Curtain Club is pleased to announce the opening of I Ought to Be in Pictures by Neil Simon, the fifth and final play of the 2009/2010 Season. On July 16, 2010, after the opening night performance, patrons will be treated to a reception in the lobby of the theatre with an opportunity to meet the cast, design team and crew. Plenty of tickets for the run of I Ought to Be in Pictures, at the incredible price of only $15.00 each, are available from The Curtain Club box office (905-773-3434).

Director Andrea Emmerton notes: "In I Ought to Be in Pictures Simon writes the spirited and touching tale of an unusual family reunion. As a director, working with such rich material and at The Curtain Club is a pleasure. That said, it has been a very challenging year for us all. I started off this season stage managing Marion Bridge, which as you will recall, we had to stage at The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. With I Ought to Be in Pictures, which was rescheduled as the last play of the season from originally being scheduled to open this season in Fall of 2009, I was further challenged by the really short rehearsal time in the Theatre – you will recall that our fourth play Cliffhanger only closed on June 26, 2010. Why all these changes you might ask? Well, it’s all been due to the recent renovations at The Club. Which thankfully are complete but for a few details. What we still have on our shoulders are all the bills to pay. All that aside, working on I Ought to Be in Pictures has been a pleasure, especially given a very talented cast, a supportive design team and a hardworking production team headed up by producer JoAnne Spitzer. I know that the patrons will enjoy this play as much we have enjoyed working on it!"

I Ought to Be in Pictures focuses on absentee parent Herb Tucker (played by Daryl Marks), a struggling screenwriter who abandoned his New York family 16 years earlier to settle in Hollywood. When his daughter Libby (played by Hayley Ferguson) arrives at his West Hollywood bungalow with acting ambitions, Herb and his girlfriend Steffy (played by Vanessa Taylor) react with verve leaving the audience laughing out loud.

Each season The Curtain Club gives back to the community through its Charity Night initiative. One performance of each play is given to local charities to use as a fundraiser or a volunteer thank you. The Curtain Club is pleased to welcome Jewish Women International of Canada (JWIC)-Golda Meir Chapter as recipients of the Charity Night for I Ought to Be in Pictures by Neil Simon.