May 31, 2010

Fans of Theatre...Don’t Miss this Chance to Visit Backstage and Win Tickets!

The Curtain Club is pleased to announce its participation in Doors Open 2010. On June 12th along with various other locations in Richmond Hill, The Curtain Club will open its backstage space to fans and patrons.

Joan Burrows, President of The Curtain Club, notes: "Theatre is enjoyable and thrilling to an audience because of the illusion that’s created on stage. Opening our backstage doors may destroy this but I know that our patrons will also find the experience fascinating. Much of what we do is created in a very small space. Our regular audience only gets to see the lobby and the auditorium but Doors Open will allow them to tour backstage and check out the dressing rooms, storage spaces, workshops as well as the technical area of the booth for lighting and sound operation. Also, our wardrobe room will fascinate as well as entertain as we plan to pull several items out for you to try on - so bring your cameras!"

Doors Open guests are encouraged to refer to following website for more information:

The Curtain Club will have a booth at the Heritage Village Festival, June 12th in downtown Richmond Hill (on Yonge Street between Major Mackenzie Drive and Crosby Avenue). Drop by The Curtain Club booth to win tickets for the fourth play of the 2009/2010 Season: Cliffhanger by James Yaffe. For more information on the Heritage Village Festival refer to the following website:

The Curtain Club will have a booth at the Town of Richmond Hill’s annual Canada Day Celebration, July 1st at Richmond Green Park. Drop by The Curtain Club booth to win tickets for the fifth and last play of the 2009/2010 Season: I Ought to be in Pictures by Neil Simon. For more information on the Canada Day Celebration refer to the following website:

May 9, 2010


Congratulations to The Curtain Club and it’s members on nominations and awards received during the Association of Community Theatres - Central Ontario Gala.

Congratulations to Colleen Sibeon who was awarded best performance by a female in a supporting role in a drama for her portrayal of Louise MacKeigan in Marion Bridge. Congratulations also to Dan Suplido for his nomination for best set design for Marion Bridge. This production was the only one entered into the festival this season due to the renovations of The Curtain Club and was staged at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

The Curtain Club is the envy of patrons's in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

We recently moved to Richmond Hill. I just found you guys on the web and was thrilled that our little town has a theatre. I was all prepared to order season tickets and apply for membership. I was very excited about the new Center for Performing Arts. Imagine how I feel now that I discover you are in CANADA and I am in Richmond Hill, Georgia- a place really wanting for performing arts…sigh. BTW - your sets look amazing!